Reading:Never Let me Go
Watching: Teen Wolf
Listening to: Arcade Fire
Reading:Never Let me Go
Watching: Teen Wolf
Listening to: Arcade Fire

The sort of but not really goodbye post?


I’ve lost 10 followers in a relatively short amount of time. I don’t blame you guys, of course. I really haven’t posted as much as I used to. For some reason I don’t get the same thrill that I used to get with tumblr. I think it has something to do with trying to get involved in my real life. I start college this coming fall and I think it’s time I face the facts that if I want to live my college life to the fullest, I need to cut down on tumblr as much as I have, maybe more. 

So I’m not deleting, at least not yet, but I’m not going to post nearly as much as I used to. I’ll still answer any and all messages, I promise. I just need to make my real life more of a priority over my tumblr life.

I love you all <3

the-impossible-girlwhocansaid: Girl you have some gorgeous hair! Also you’re just really pretty :)

thanks girlie :) <3

Anonymous said: your freckles are really really REALLY cute
thanks love <3

More pics from today

I took a decent pic today (top middle) and played with filters
I’m a narcissist

ps I might be making this more of a personal blog, I might still post things but I’m not centering my blog around pleasing other people anymore

billiepiiper said: IM SO GLAD YOU GOT TO SEE HIM! And you two look adorable! I'm sorry the gofundme failed :( But I'm sossssss glad I helped you!!!! Thank you for the update!
thank you so much!! we had the most amazing night :). and don’t worry about the gofundme, we got enough money anyways! Thank you so much for helping us out!!

also hey look I graduated

Okay, Story Time.





As some of you may know, I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year (the relationship itself has been about a year and a half).

Here’s a picture of us:


Aren’t we cute?

The situation:

He was supposed to move to Mexico with his family in June last year, after his graduation ceremony and after prom. Unfortunately, a mix up with his Visa and the school forced his entire family to leave in December instead. I attended prom with friends and it was fine, but to say the least I missed him. 

We then made the promise that we would make sure he’d be able to come back for my senior prom.

Unfortunately, between then and now, he transferred schools to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an Argentinian citizen and can attend school free there, and it is a better education system than in Mexico. What this means, however, is that flight tickets for visits total to around $1000 for a round trip.

Although we both have jobs, he currently needs to pay for food (he’s living on his own), and I need to save all of my money to pay for food in college as well. We can’t afford to fly him here and back. 

At first it seemed like all hope was lost.

The idea:

I remembered seeing people post on Tumblr to raise money for various personal things. I realized that, with my blog, I had access to so many people who may be willing/able to help. We came up with the idea that if we could not pay ourselves, why not try to raise the money? After all, if 1,000 of the millions of Tumblr users even donated one dollar each, we could reach our goal.

It is with that idea that I set up an account on Go Fund Me, a website that lets people try to raise money for various personal causes and expenses. 

We need your help:

The community on Tumblr is so always supportive and helpful, and we were hoping we could have some of your help in raising this money. Any donation, however small, would make a huge difference. (Even if we do not raise enough, we will save the donations for a later visit). 

The link to donate is here. I have also created a link on my blog to the site.

Can you help us keep our promise? (wow that sounded so corny I’m so sorry).

Thank you so much for any help.

sorry to reblog this again, but my mom laughed at me and called me a dreamer for bringing the idea up, so it’d be nice to prove her wrong

UPDATE: It comes as an honest shock no one has developed a deep passionate hatred of me yet, or at least unfollowed me for all of these posts, I feel super uncomfortable making them because I’ve been raised not to ask people for money….anyways.

I have added some incentive. I realized to let people donate without doing anything in return is unfair of me, so I have added offers of blog promos for anyone who donates and leaves their url in the comments.

Again, thank you so much for all of the reblogging and the not unfollowing guys, ilysm <3

We’ve reached almost 150! Thank you guys, but we still need help!

I know it’s been months, but I just wanted to thank everyone involved in spreading the word. The gofundme page kind of failed, but we did get the money for the flight ticket, with a little help from our parents. Here’s some pictures from that night :). 



Again, thank you all so much!

today my dad was like “hand me the flat bowls”


he meant plates.